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The Predator is the ultimate all round standup. It is a great ski, built for riders of all skill levels. With its long tray and extra bouyancy it is not only a great ski to learn on, but will handle well in any water conditions! The Predator provides a wonderful riding experience, while being lightning fast, you’ll have to hold on tight while carving turns. 

The 2021 Predator hull has some key features that set it apart from it’s siblings:

-Extra long tray (for better maneuverability)

-A simpler and sleeker lower deck (for less resistance/drag) 

-Fiberglass layup (for added strength and stability)

The 2021 Predator is very much the same ski it has been in years previous (2019 & 2020), with some upgrades of course! If you are a beginner, intermediate or professional level rider with interest in an agile ski, that will grow with your freeride skills, this is the ski for you!

2021 Models are available for pre-order, with a deposit and 3-4 month waiting period. If you are interested in ordering your ski for the 2021 season, please contact us directly:

Pre-order your Krash Industries jetski today!

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