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Raldey MT V3/ MT V3S

Electric longboards are a budding new industry, and Raldey Boards has pushed the forefront of the industry, creating a versatile board that doesn’t break the bank! The MT V3 is a semi-all terrain which showcases the following specs.:


Wheels: 120mm (4.5 inch) rubber wheels

Wheel hub: 115 High strength aluminum alloy wheel hub

Trucks: 45 degree, 9” single kingpin (MT V3);  9” double kingpin (MT V3S)

Product Dimension: 910*245*165mm (35” by 9.6” by 6.5”)/ 910*245*195mm (35” by 9.6” by 7.5”)

Weight: 8.5 kg

Range: up to 30km (19miles)

Top Speed: up to 46km/h (28.5mph) 

Hill Grade climbing capability: 30% grade

Deck: 8 layers of cold pressed Canada maple

Battery: 7Ah 10S4P SANYO GA (MT V3) / 14Ah 10S4P SANYO GA (MT V3S)

Charge time: 2-3 Hours (MT V3) / 3-4 Hours (MT V3S)

Motors: Two, HB (hub) motors

Motors rated output power: Two, each 900w x 2

Motors max output power: Two, each 1500w x2

Max Load: 120kg (265lbs)

Maximum weight limit:240 lbs



The rated power of a single hub motor has reached 900W, which is the largest hub motor driving skateboard in the market



Raldey boards are professionally made with bamboo and Canadian maple, with a process called cold pressing. This increases the elasticity and toughness of the skateboard, which reflects as the rider can feel a great improvement in their riding experience. This satisfies the control of the user's large skateboard movement. The MT V3S features a double-end bridge, giving riders more choices and capabilities.




Raldey Boards are very powerful. Wear a helmet and proper protection at all times. Serious injury or even death can occur if the rider is misusing this product and not wearing proper protection. Have fun and stay safe!

Note: The Board & remote cannot be fully charged for shipping, so please charge the Board & Remote fully to experience the full potential of the Raldey.


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