KV 997 Power Packages
KV 997 Power Packages
KV 997 Power Packages
KV 997 Power Packages
KV 997 Power Packages
KV 997 Power Packages
KV 997 Power Packages

KV 997 Power Packages

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KV 997 Power Packages

The KV997 power plant is one that has a lot of area for growth and power. We have teamed up with knowledgeable companies to create, and develop products that will unlock this hidden potential.


We have focused on three main components, to help get you the most power out of your engine:


The “brains” of the operation! The Capacitor Discharge Ignition module is your electronic ignition system. The controller for your ignitions curves are stored in this system. 


Zeeltronic programmable CDIProgrammable ignitions are designed to replace your stock CDI with minimal or no modification. The correct ignition curve will free some of the power that is being held back. Most stock ignitions are restricted and you can't go over those limits. An ignition upgrade is capable of “unlocking” your engines performance, from those restrictive stock ignition curves. Potentially the most powerful part of the Zeeltronics system is it’s programmability, a programmable ignition will give you versatility and freedom.




 A 2-Stroke engine derives it's power primarily from the combination of air-fuel mixture and the amount of compression of that mix before detonation. By heightening the compression (PSI)range of your engine, you are producing more power- Via the force produced by the ignition and explosion being greater.

We have worked closely with a highly knowledgeable and experienced performance shop to machine and produce a true "High Compression" bolt-in dome replacement. At 220 PSI, the pick up in your power and responsiveness is certain to wake your KV engine up!



As we discussed above, the air-fuel mixture plays a great part in your performance. Seemingly small irregularities in your fuel disbursement can make a huge difference in your responsiveness and your reliability. There are a few different options in this department that can make a noticeable difference in your skis performance.

Modify your Black Ops carbs: The Internal parts of your Black Ops 48mm carbs are manufactured as copies of Mikuni Super BN internals, meaning that they are interchangeable. The Black Ops design has a particular weak point with the Kidney Plates check valve. A modified kidney plate can reduce the pressure put on the check valve, thereby reducing excess fuel drip while running.


Bolt-on adapter/speed Plate: Replace your Black Ops carburetors with a true Mikuni carb. Coming Soon 


Warranty Information

H2o Industries warranties our products to be free from defects in the material or workmanship. The warranty period for our products commences on the day that the product is purchased by the original customer. H2o Industries warrants that it will repair or replace, once, any product which under normal conditions or use and service, and which has been properly installed, proves to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser, and is not exchangeable or transferable to subsequent owners of the product. This warranty does not cover any accessories and specifically applies to the cover only. H2o Industries will cover all costs involved in repairing or replacing the cover, except for shipping costs. To process a warranty a $40 flat fee is charged to help pay for shipping costs involved in the warranty. The warranty covers up to one full replacement during the warranty period.


*Specifically excluded from this warranty are failures caused by misuse, negligence, modification, abuse, improper application, installation or operation, or by unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts in connection with the product and inadequate maintenance. Aesthetics are not covered by the warranty, including staining, fading over time, spills or bleeding. It is your responsibility to ensure that when the cover is in use you take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and your vehicle. In any instance we are only liable for the cover itself. We are not liable for the vehicle.


*When handling a warranty claim, we can only exchange your cover for the cover which you originally ordered. After the original 30 days, fitment and color problems are not covered by the warranty process.


When submitting a warranty claim to our customer service department, you may be asked to provide some additional information. Once we have received the required information, your claim will be reviewed by a member of our team. If approved you will be provided with the return shipping information to return your original cover. Once received, the cover will be inspected for repair or replacement. The warranty process can take upwards of 3 weeks for completion.


*When submitting a warranty request, please provide us with your name, order information, receipt, email and phone number. Also include the reason for your request, a few pictures if applicable, and what you would like us to do to help resolve the matter. Once this information has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email, and a member of our team will contact you within 1-2 business days. We kindly ask that you do not submit more than one request or leave additional voicemails during this period, as it can cause confusion for the team member who is assisting you.


To submit a warranty/return/exchange request please email us at


Care and Cleaning

H2o Industries covers are made from a quality fabric product that can give years of enjoyable use. It is a water-repellent and mildew resistant polyester fabric. Routine care is quite simple, but certain procedures are recommended. Proper maintenance is important if maximum life of your cover is desired.


Recommended care and cleaning instructions


  1. Keep dirt, leaves and other debris from accumulating on the cover. Washing down with a garden hose on a bright sunny day is recommended about once a month.


  1. To remove dirt from either side of the material, use a soft brush and a mild soap solution (such as Ivory). Do not use bleach. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and let dry completely before storing or rolling.


  1. Do not store or roll up while wet. Be sure to clean and dry before storage. Mildew can grow during storage if moisture is present.


  1. Avoid cleaning in a commercial car wash. Do not steam or pressure wash.


  1. Keep cover secure while trailering.


  1. If accidental tears occur, repair them as soon as possible.


  1. Always clean the surface of the watercraft, and check for debris on the inside of the cover before placing the cover over the ski. Failure to do so can lead to scratching and damages to your vehicle.  We are not liable for the vehicle or any damages it incurs while under the use of our covers.


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