GIVE YOUR SLED The Protection It Deserves

The Ultimate Cover For Your Investments!

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Pre-ordering Today will lock you in at a near $200 discount  off of our estimated MSRP price of $550 USD*. 

This means that you will pay a grand total of $356.25 USD upon pre-order of your cover, and Be Among The First To Receive Your Cover!

We will gather your sled details via email, to create your perfect cover, post sale. Pre-Order Today will also allow you access to Exclusive Content, & Information About Our Production!

Changing the Way Covers Are Designed

Here at H2O Headquarters, we have been building covers for the jetski industry, offering the best cover for travel. During this period we have continued perfecting and re-designing our covers.

This same research and design process has been implemented into our new line of H2O Snow Covers, a product we have been developing for over 18 months.

Tesla Inspired Technology

Using 3D technology, we are able to scan, design and create the perfect fitment for any machine that comes to us. With the AXYS, MATRYX, ALPHA, FREERIDE & SUMMIT already in our database, we have designed and are in the final stages of creating them.

Constantly expanding our database and creating the most reliable covers for all sled enthusiasts is our mission!


We have intentionally over-engineered our covers, to perform in & hold up to the toughest conditions and uses. This has provided us the ability to offer you an industry leading warranty!


Perhaps the largest issue with OEM covers, they don’t trailer well! The ELE-MENTAL cover is designed with that primary function in mind, giving you the peace of mind and protection you deserve, on and off the road!

Weather Resistant

With heat reduction and weatherproofing technologies at the heart of the ELE-MENTAL covers, They will outlast and out-perform the competitors best products.


*$550 MSRP pricing is based upon projected base cost for a custom built ELE-MENTAL Cover