Foot Rocket Pro

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Foot Rocket Pro

The Foot Rocket Pro, like a hypercar, features a hull that is 100% carbon composite, including the finish. If you are an aspiring flatwater aerial pro, this is your next step. With its superior weight to power ratio and a few key upgrades over it’s brothers and sisters in the Krash lineup (higher compression and a performance fly-wheel upgrade) the Foot Rocket Pro packs a lot more punch.

The 2021 Foot Rocket Pro hull has some key features that set it apart from it’s sister, the Foot Rocket, to include:

-No toe hold in the front of the tray

-A simpler and sleeker lower deck (for less resistance/drag) 

-Carbon fiber layup (for a better power:weight ratio, ideal for flatwater aerials)

The 2021 Foot Rocket Pro is very much the same ski it has been in years previous (2019 & 2020), with some upgrades of course! If you are a beginner, intermediate or professional level rider with interest in an agile ski, that will grow with your freestyle skills, this is the ski for you!

2021 Models are available for pre-order, with a deposit and 3-4 month waiting period. If you are interested in ordering your ski for the 2021 season, please contact us directly:

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