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**All Zeeltronics units purchased 6/21/21 are expected to arrive on or around July 19, 2021. These units are considered a Pre-order item,  on inventory we currently have on order,  and is non-refundable (unless in the event of a failure to deliver said products on our part)**


The “brains” of the operation! The Capacitor Discharge Ignition module is your electronic ignition system. The controller for your ignitions curves are stored in this system. 

We will be offering two choices:

-KV CDI replacement- The KV system in particular has 3 modes (beginner, intermediate and beast mode) each of which offer a different curve, which in turns gives you more responsive power.

-Zeeltronic programmable CDIProgrammable ignitions are designed to replace your stock CDI with minimal or no modification. The correct ignition curve will free some of the power that is being held back. Most stock ignitions are restricted and you can't go over those limits. An ignition upgrade is capable of “unlocking” your engines performance, from those restrictive stock ignition curves. Potentially the most powerful part of the Zeeltronics system is it’s programmability, a programmable ignition will give you versatility and freedom.

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