Carbon G3

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Raldey Carbon G3 

This semi-All Terrain electric longboard by Raldey Boards has pushed the forefront of the industry, creating a versatile board that doesn’t break the bank! The Carbon G3 offers awesome street and sidewalk riding, with the CloudWheels keeping things smooth as you go. The G3 is lightweight and updated version of the original design. Showcasing the following updates and specs.:



Wheel options: 105mm CloudWheels (black)

Weight: 7.1 kg

Range: up to 12miles

Top Speed: 30-38 km/hr. (19-23 mph)

Hill Grade climbing capability: 30% grade

Deck: 100% Japanese T700 Carbon fiber sill rubbed finish coat

Battery: 7Ah 10S4P SANYO GA

Charge time: 2-3 Hours

Motors: Two, each 55250

Motors rated output power: Two, each 55250 900w x 2

Motors max output power: Two, each 55250 1500w x2

Max Load: 120kg (265lbs)

Maximum weight limit:240 lbs

If you are looking to do inner city riding, comprised of mainly paved or smooth surfaces, the G3 is the ultimate board for you! It can also handle light duty off-road use, like compacted trails or a short rip through the grass. And with a carrying case, it can be easily packed up and taken on flights to wherever your next adventure awaits!



Raldey Boards are very powerful. Wear a helmet and proper protection at all times. Serious injury or even death can occur if the rider is misusing this product and not wearing proper protection. Have fun and stay safe!

Note: The Board & remote cannot be fully charged for shipping, so please charge the Board & Remote fully to experience the full potential of the Raldey.


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