About Us

Our Story

H2o Industries is a family owned business based in the United States. Our CEO/CFO, Brittany Quinton, is the primary source of the business foundation. Brittany grew up in Maryland and spent her summers on the east coast beaches with her family. Virginia Beach, Coney Island, and Cocoa Beach were some of her family’s most common destinations when traveling. Brandon Quinton, CSO/Head of Marketing and Research, grew up in a much different environment. Born and raised in Idaho, Brandon grew up into powersports like quads, dirtbikes and snowmobiles. It was only after a near-fatal accident on a quad that he was introduced to the stand-up jetski industry. Immediately falling in love with the sport, we started going to the lake and spending our summers together on the water.

Being very passionate and involved in our hobbies, we started to see gaps and needs that weren’t being fulfilled in the industry. Brandon, being the inventive and sociable soul that he is, started getting creative in the garage, coming up with designs and ideas that initially seemed far-fetched and unachievable. As he continued to chip away though, the ideas became more and more refined, until eventually we had a first product. The popularity of the idea, and the need for it within the jetski community was overwhelming. Thus, H2IGH OCTANE INDUSTRIES was founded.

When designing, developing, and producing these products, it was important to us that we helped to support local businesses and our local economy. It was also highly important to us that we made high quality products, that would not just last, but that would function properly and flawlessly. So everything that we produce has been 100% made in the USA, built to a high quality standard, and then tested in extreme environments.

With a flagship product, and the development of other products underway, we are excited to introduce ourselves and our products into the fantastic and welcoming jetski community. It is our hope that we can make many friends and lasting relationships through this venture, as well as being able to help service needs that we see.