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      Krash Industries and H2O Industries

      Most people would be surprised to know that stand-up Jetskis are not only still around, but they have been evolving over the years. A majority of people that we speak with are surprised to know that the Yamaha or Kawasaki skis are not the only stand-ups available on market. Taking that into account, toss everything that you think you know about the stand-up jetski industry and throw it out the window. 

      What would you think if you were to find out that the jet ski market is not only set for a resurgent growth, but that there are other players in the game who create more capable and attractive skis?! Companies like Rickter Composites, DJR, Lee Stone Products and more, are creating aftermarket hulls that do just that.

      Krash Industries is not only among these companies, but they are going one step further. Creating not only hull designs but the equivalent of an OEM brand, a complete turn-key watercraft that has been years in the making. 

      Aftermarket hulls gone Turn-key

      Many companies are in the business of producing purpose built aftermarket hulls, in fact that is exactly how Nick Barton, the CEO/Founder of Krash Industries, started the business in 2008. You would be surprised to know that most of these hulls cost between $6,000-$12,000, and is just the starting point to a complete ski build. A complete turn-key ski using one of these hulls can cost anywhere from $16,000 to upwards of $30,000.

      The Krash Industries lineup features many awesome and integrative features starting with a large bore engine, designed and created by Nick, which produces as much as 130 horsepower. When paired with the beautiful piece of equipment that is the KV electrical system, it allows the user to select from 3 different modes of power (beginner, Intermediate and Beast mode).

      It was Nicks vision to not only to design hulls that are capable of meeting different riders needs, but to create a turn-key watercraft that is not only more adaptable and capable than the other OEM brands, but also affordable. With Models like the Foot Rocket, Predator or Reaper starting at under $13,000, Krash Industries has set themselves to be the leader in an exciting and budding industry.

      H2O Industries offerings

      Here at H2igh Octane Industries we pride ourselves in offering our supporters the best possible customer service, and products! In partnering with Krash as a Dealer, we are pushing the envelope in customer service and support with these awesome machines, and all the items you might need to get on the water, and stay there.

      As a dealer we are here to do more than just sell you on the Krash brand, we are here to create a positive experience with both Krash products, and H2O Industries products and services. 

      Every ski that is sold through our shop will be thoroughly inspected, break-in process done and all components gone through. There are also a few key changes that can be made to help prolong the reliability of the working components and electronics. During this process we will also pre-tune the ski for your elevation.

      We plan to offer delivery and a riding day, where we spend a few hours going over the working components of the ski, and offer some personalized training on operation of the watercraft. Saving you the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own.

      We also have a few custom offerings to help you personalize your wants as a rider, ranging fromhigh-grade, flow tested carburetors to jet pump upgrades. Even custom built skis with Yamaha based engines and components. All available with financing options.

      Last, but definitely not least, we will have special and proprietary offerings for each watercraft sold. If you purchase a Krash watercraft through H2O Industries, we will give you an exclusive discount of up to $250 on a custom built ELE-MENTAL cover to protect your new investment. Also, if you refer a friend, who purchases  through us, we will give you a cash credit to be used in many different ways.

      Choose us to take care of all your Krash Industries needs, become part of the H2O Fam!




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