The Ultimate Protection For Your Sled!

ELE-MENTAL covers are designed and manufactured to be the longest lasting and most resilient covers on the market! The ELE-MENTAL cover line is produced in the USA, using the highest quality materials, and most advanced technologies available on the market. Whether you are traveling cross-country, down the road or even in your back yard, H2O Industries has got you covered!

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Weather Resistant Materials

With heat reduction and weatherproofing technologies at the heart of the ELE-MENTAL covers, They will outlast and out-perform the competitors best products.

Precision Built

Your sled is customized to meet your wants and needs, why not get a cover that will do the same?! Our covers are hand sewn and cut-to-fit. Meaning, if your cover will require some custom fitment, that isn’t a problem!

Trailerable Travel Cover

Perhaps the largest issue with OEM covers, they don’t trailer well! The ELE-MENTAL cover is designed with that primary function in mind, giving you the peace of mind and protection you deserve, on and off the road!

Engineered To Meet Your Demands

We have intentionally over-engineered our covers, to hold up to the toughest conditions and uses. This has provided us the ability to offer you an industry leading warranty!

3D Designed

The design and manufacturing phase all starts here, with the most advanced technologies available today, that are being used by companies like Tesla. Each cover is meticulously designed in a 3D software, to give you the perfect fitment!

Highest Quality

H2O  Industries products are manufactured with the highest quality products, and are ever-improving. Quality and Customer Satisfaction are at the forefront of what we do!