ELE-Mental Covers

      The ELE-Mental cover, is the ultimate cover for your investments! We start at the very beginning, with the design of our products, and go up from there. Our proprietary use of high grade materials and strapping locations yields a  product unlike any other.. An American sourced, American made product of the highest quality!

      Main Features

      • Built-in strapping locations give you the ability to strap down your jetski, minimizing the damages that straps alone can do. 

      • The use of a cam strap in the lower hem allows for tighter fitment and creates a genuinely trailerable cover that won’t budge at highway speeds.

      • A soft inner fabric creates a buffer between your investment, and the world around it, protecting it from rock chips, scratching and rubbing damage.

      Our Solution

      With the world around us growing and changing rapidly, cover technology has remained much the same as it has been in the last 30 years. We decided that it was time for a change! 

      We have modernized the standard jet ski cover, addressing the below issues, and allowing those who ride aftermarket hull designs to adequately protect their skis for the first time.

      • The material that we use to make our covers has years of technology in it. The vinyl-coated polyester topside provides maximum UV defense, heat reduction (tested to have a temperature reduction of 25 degrees Fahrenheit), and heat reflection.

      • While the warp-knit polyester underside provides and abrasion-resistant surface, making it safe to use on critical painted surfaces, delicate objects and sensitive gel coats.

      • Ideally suited for marine environments, the material is water-resistant and mildew repellent. All of these excellent features make it the perfect material to keep your investments safe!


      The current market standard cover is also typically made of a Cordura canvas material, which is textured. When this material is strapped down to a vehicle/vessel, it can scratch the gel coats and graphics. The standard cover also has a stretchy band, called a shock cord, hemmed into the bottom. This can expand during transport, allowing air to fill the cavity between the cover and your investment. This can also cause scratching and damages, but more importantly, the cover is no longer performing for its intended use at this point.


      All of these components work together to make the ELE-Mental covers more than just a storage cover. With the ELE-Mental covers, you can effectively trailer your investments. The use of the cover's built-in tie-down locations, trusting in our innovative advancements in the cover industry, knowing that your investment is safely secured and covered while in transport!


      Room for change

      The ELE-Mental lineup is a growing and ever expanding entity, as we are always looking for improvements that can be made. 

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