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#RigbyStrong Truck show

We love to have a positive impact on our local community, the #RigbyStrong Truck show and night golf tournament is all about spreading a positive Anti-hate and Anti-bully message.

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All of our covers are made in the United States from start to finish.


The Perfect Fit

Our covers are available for a variety of jet ski models, each cover hand crafted to be the perfect fit for your ski.


Your covers are the best in the world, it’s that simple. .

Darren Dunham (UK)

This cover changed my life believe it or not. . . I like my stuff nice and just sitting there in the garage it used to get dusty and could be hit by stuff. Being covered I don’t have to clean it regularly and also the rails are protected. . No more worrying about the cat tearing up my turf. . That’s all life changing

Zach Zystra (US)

I met Brandon the owner on one of his trips out here to havasu. He’s One hell of a genuine person, he cares a lot about his product and being around the sport. . . Get a personalizedAmerican hand crafted cover from H2O Industries, it will last a really really really long time!

Mark Gomez (US)

These covers are freaking awesome! Didn’t flap around or move on the drive home

Trystan Brown (US)